Sunday, January 25, 2009

BLARGH in 2009

So I decided to haul my lazy ass and continue working on BLARGH Text Editor. I've successfully ported my code to the new devkitARM release 24, and libnds 1.3.1.

Just get the file save/load working, and its already a full-fledged text editor. And now that there's some official sample code on how to get libfat working, it'll be easier for me.

Next major features needed are some unfinished text editing features (cut, copy, paste, search), and multiple text files opened via tabs. But I want to concentrate on file save/load first.

Unicode support would require me to create all those characters from foreign languages. I'd be willing to make ones for accented english letters, but that's about it. I sure as hell won't be doing all those Chinese characters. Perhaps the Japanese Kana letters, since I'm learning them, but definitely not the Chinese Kanji.

Dictionary lookup will perhaps be the last on the list.