Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About Me

I made a forum post in Unity 3d which had me going on how I started in the game industry. Here it is:

Where are you coming from?

I've always wanted to make videogames ever since I was a kid seeing one for the first time when my brother showed me. Ever since, I've studied what it took to make a game so I got into programming and 3d art.

As a child, I've shown a natural inclination in art, but I also persevered with programming, and I'd say it paid off.

I would usually learn a programming language earlier than my peers in school, only to find out that what I studied was too advanced for my expected level. I remember being a freshman in highschool when two seniors were at awe when I started writing private variables and public functions in C++.

My very first game was a turn-based RPG combat in QBASIC, which I threw away because I thought it sucked. I regret doing that.

I've dabbled in other stuff over the years: sketching, 3d art, graphic design, Flash and web programming.

Game development is a very risky proposition here in my country as its not as established as other fields like advertising or information technology. Nevertheless, I always jump on the chance to go into game development because its what I love to do, stable jobs be damned.

My very first major project was an online game with Torque, and it was quite stressful being the only programmer in the team. I worked there for two years and eventually left from burnout. There was a point when I questioned myself and didn't want to do programming anymore (I thought about being a novelist), but that's all water under the bridge now. As a compromise, I'm making a videogame where I'm also writing the story.

Now I work in a start-up company making videogames hoping to establish ourselves in the local industry.

I'm also active in the Unity developer community sharing code in the wiki and forums. You can find me hanging out in the Unity IRC chat channel occasionally as AnomalusUndrdog.

Which languages are you working with in Unity?

I come from C++, so C# was a no-brainer to me, after finding out the equivalents to the STL data structures and whatnot.

What do you enjoy about using these languages in Unity?

Its what I'm used to, and no more need for pointers.

What do you find annoying?

Mostly not the language but the IDE, MonoDevelop is a weird one, double-clicking on an error doesn't focus the MonoDevelop window, its slow, and crashes sometimes. So I use Notepad++ when on a Windows machine and Unitron on Mac.

I'm mostly vexed with the fact that I can't afford Unity Pro for the foreseeable future. This has me tempted to try out UDK.