Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I hardly go out.

During the times that I go out, things hardly happen.

Today something happened.

I went out today to buy some PS3 games, and, funny thing, there's this person at the store, looks about at least 20 years old, and keeps on talking about American McGee's Alice.

He kept on asking questions and making conversation with anyone within his reach. What's up with this guy? From the way he speaks, you could tell he's not quite right in the mind, but well enough that he can go to a store by himself, and have his own cellphone. You can imagine that creates some problems everywhere he goes.

Eventually he reaches me, then goes on to say about American McGee, then about Suda51, about the origin of the 51 in his name, then about how its the same with how the word Konami came out to be. I'm mildly surprised Madness Returns came out already; I hadn't checked the release date at all.

He picks a copy of Duke Nukem Forever, goes on about the fact that it was 15 years in the making, "close to 20" he says. Talks about how the game's different: Duke, he's not eeemmo, he says, because the aliens took his... his girls.. he's fighting for his... uhuh pleasure, yeahhh.

He was obviously recounting what he heard in the developer interviews (I know, I saw those too). In that brief moment it made me think about what I'm making. I had better make sure Garwolf is a well-rounded character and I hope he won't be labeled "emo".

Because labels are dicks.

Even while I was finishing my purchase at the cashier he was still going at it. Me and the store people smile knowingly. Oh boy, we thought.

I do my best in not being a dick and even engage in conversation a few times; I was surprised Suda51 worked on an EA game, though I think he didn't get that I meant that.

Out of that guy's hearing, the store guy talks about how that person actually went through all of the store's branches, and that he even punched another person once, supposedly trying to recreate some scene in a game. Oops.

Walking home I thought, I'm just as much as a loser as that guy. The only difference is, his ignorance is his bliss.