Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ingress Day 4

I decided to explore the southern part of my nearby vicinity. There were two portals there: the Ateneo Blue Eagle Gym, and the now erased graffiti on some doors of an abandoned building by the roadside.

Blue Eagle Gym

This portal looked like no one was reclaiming it. So I went here to try to get it.

The gym is inside the Ateneo University campus. Since I'm not a student there, I could not get in. However, I thought I could reach it by standing outside the school grounds, by the fence. I can almost reach it, but couldn't. So I had to abandon this one.

Marked Doorway Murals

This graffiti portal, which I remember being there before but had been removed some time ago, seemed like no one was touching it, so I investigated it.

Turns out it was nearby a lot of telephone wires, and some power line posts with transformers. Seems like that disrupted my 3G connection to the game, so I couldn't interact with this portal at all. I logged out to try to "refresh" the game, but I couldn't even log-in again while I was in that spot.

So all in all, I couldn't expand my options here.

Meanwhile there's a place nearer my "safehouse" that I thought would work as a new portal and I was thinking of submitting it. I'll try it one time.

Ingress Day 3

Finally reached level 3!

And got something pretty powerful:

An Enlightened captured that portal I was using. I still haven't reclaimed it. I realize I should have used Power Cubes when my XM reserves run out when attacking, so I could keep at it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ingress Day 2

I accidentally broke my toenail while running. Had to limp my way back to the apartment.

Not to worry, it's all patched up.

My portals got attacked. Looks like this won't be boring too soon.

That green one used to be mine.

Somewhere out there, some frog's fucking up my portals.

Ingress Day 1

So I just found out I have hypertension. Part of it means I need to do cardio exercise.

I thought, "Well, I could use one of those fitness tracking apps, or I could start playing that Ingress game I saw long ago."

So I started playing Ingress.

Seems like some people nearby already started putting up some portals, but looks like they were abandoned. So I took them.

I'm only starting out

Looks like someone's been busy. Those aren't mine, obviously.