Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Some more development is done. The new link is;topic=1796.0;attach=684

Now I'm thinking of hosting my project in To my dismay, the site was Yahoo!ed, bought by Yahoo corp, now its got red letters all over its front page. ZOMG!!!! Shit man, I can't believe I've been April-fooled on that one. I'll use it since it supports a Mercurial back-end, although I'll host my code in other free Mercurial hosting sites too.

This means I'm going to learn Mercurial and use it over Subversion, which I'm currently using. Open source projects get to make more use of decentralized version control systems.

This also means I'm making my project open source. I'll use GPL v3.

Now if you didn't understand any of the bullshit I've been saying so far (it happens to me too sometimes), it simply means I'm just setting things up.

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