Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Girl in Byakkoya

Movie - 90 minutes running time

Final Verdict: You know "The Cell"? The one with Jennifer Lopez? That sucks compared to this movie. If you haven't seen it, then this is the movie that you should have watched back in 2007.

Don't forget to download the ending theme music from http://www.teslakite.com/freemp3s/e/paprika/. Its been made free for personal use by the music artist. He wants you to read the license before downloading it.

The film was directed by Satoshi Kon, same guy who made Paranoia Agent. This film is his latest (released) work as of 2008.

Paprika was created by Yasutaka Tsutsui. It was originally a short story in a Japanese women's magazine, which he later turned into a full blown novel.

Unfortunately, http://www.radioclub.jp gives a 404 error.

And you need a DC mini to access it.

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