Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Death Zone Zero: Update: New Unit "Doc"

The Doc is your post-apocalyptic healing unit. He can heal a large amount of health to one organic ally unit. The problem is he has no combat training so he can't attack.

Still to come: The Doc's support ability, Steroids, which enhances an organic ally unit's attack damage but damages that unit itself as a side-effect.


As usual, the work-in-progress, playable demo is available at http://anomalousunderdog.herobo.com/Unity/DZZPrototype.html

What's funny is I'm still using the placeholder 3d model, so when the Doc heals, he uses his shoot animation, "shooting" the target unit to health.



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  1. Team Fortress 2's Medic class "shoots" at his teammates with his medigun to heal them. So it's not a crazy concept in the gaming universe. :p


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