Monday, December 19, 2011

Angry Birds

I overheard my father talking about how he's appreciating playing a game. I'm surprised my father is starting to understand the depth of fun and strategy to be had in playing a video game. I'm more surprised that the game he mentioned was Angry Birds.

I never payed much attention to Angry Birds because I find the basic premise of the game mechanics boring. But after overhearing my father I figured there is much thought and depth that the developers added to the game. More than what I would have considered at first draft of a design document.

It turns out each bird has special abilities. There's one that can dive, one that drops eggs as bombs, one that speeds up, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I don't know. Each bird's ability is useful in a certain situation. The blue one is suited to breaking ice as I heard. Its not simply "this bird does 25% more damage on ice objects". Its with the fact that it breaks up into three smaller birds (not sure why) and you'd have an easier time shattering through multiple layers of ice that way.

Contrast that with the last game I've released, Zombie Fields, and Angry Birds is looking like its got more strategical depth in it, disguised in a veneer of the visuals of a kid's story book.

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