Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Videogame Development Bookmark Map

Hi, I'd just like to share my small activity here: I'm transitioning my bookmarks from a list into a visual map, and I like the results so far.

I want to share the bookmark links to everyone interested in videogame development, so here it is:

UPDATE: The xmind file is now in version control! Git repository here:

(Non-technical people can find there a link that says "Get Source" in an archive format of your choice. Just use that to download the latest version of the bookmark map.)

This is far from complete as I have a lot of bookmarks amassed over the years, so just check that link every now and then for updates.

You'll need the program called Xmind ( On that note, I'm wondering if there's a better mind-mapping program that outputs in text format so this can be put on a version control system properly. It would be nice to collaborate on gathering links.