Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, 21 January 2008 21:19:33 PHT

Not much work was done.

I spent the Saturday buying a new 400 GB hard drive (which has practically only 372.61 GB of space). It turned out to be a Western Digital Caviar SE.

The only problem was that the store had no stock of SATA data cables, so it took me quite a while scouring shops for one. I got one for PHP 30.00 (roughly USD 0.75).

Then I tested the new hard drive for defects, reorganized my files, made some DVD backups, and that was it. The weekend was over before I noticed.

Changed the inner shirt's color. I think this one suits him better. His color scheme should be monotonous and unextravagant.

I realized I made the mistake of giving tiny objects (the belt buckles) more UV texture space, which was practically useless since they're only a few pixels big compared to the other parts of the gunner 3d model.

Even the head's UV texture is using up too much space. The glove's texture is the one that needs more space, so maybe next time I'll readjust the UVs.

In other news, a man's family was involuntarily abducted by 14th century feudal Japanese assassins. He is currently seeking ways to finance a rescue operation.

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