Friday, February 22, 2008

Quong, and the ever elusive ideal firearm weapon for the gunner

Look at that. Look at that weird beehive looking... thing, which most of you will probably not bother looking at anyway. Its the quong hex keyboard layout but modified a bit 'cause I felt like it. I've been making up the code to make a hex keyboard in the Nintendo DS. Soon enough, I was outlaying a simple GUI library for it. That pic's just the concept layout though.

Ultimately, I want to make a homebrew app for the DS that's similar to Tiddlywiki: some sort of guerrilla wiki for the DS.

Moving on, I was about to make animations for the gunner soldier when I realized he doesn't have the props. So I've been making new concepts for fictional guns/rifles (which I will not show yet). So much reference images I've downloaded from the Web, and yet its still pretty hard to be creative when you're lazy, and prefer to spend the weekend fapping to porn instead, which means I'm not finished yet.

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