Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am not your mom

Jan 30 17:49:32 <Tayfe> AnomalusUndrdog: mom, maybe i found the problem...
Jan 30 17:49:51 <AnomalusUndrdog> I am not your mom
Jan 30 17:50:03 <VILE> lol
Jan 30 17:51:04 <Tayfe> AnomalusUndrdog: mom - one moment pls^^
Jan 30 17:51:19 <AnomalusUndrdog> I am not even female
Jan 30 17:51:36 <Tayfe> AnomalusUndrdog: maybe it's a problem that i use the same code on the car, too?

Oh IRC chat, you so crazy.

Join in the fun: #unity3d in freenode.

In other news, from the same IRC chat, I just learned about partial classes. A way to split your class definition into separate files, which is what I did back in C++ Torque days as my classes get to be too big. In most situations, this is doing it wrong, because classes getting big is a sign that I'm putting too much functionality in one place and I should separate distinct functionalities into separate classes in the first place.

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