Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Somewhere along the way we discussed the need to better organize our 3d models, reference images, concept sketches, fonts, music, and sound effects in the office.

This reminded me of ResourceSpace. I tried it out on a local dev test site.

I have to say, its meant by default for graphic design, web design and those areas. Properties like Country or Camera Model are useless to textures, while you need more information for 3d models, such as polygon count.

I set out planning a different digital asset management tool that would work for us.

Meanwhile, people in the ResourceSpace Google groups explained that thankfully you can add new resource types and change properties of existing ones. Seems like I may use ResourceSpace after all.

However, my plans started diverting from ResourceSpace and I really thought I should look into it more:

  • Upload any kind of file. Plugins are made to handle a specific asset type, like images, 3d models, textures, fonts, etc. 3d models show interactive thumbnails, videos have streaming flash video previews, and fonts can be previewed interactively (edit the text that is displaying the font).
  • Danbooru-style tag-based organization. Assets are tagged and a sophisticated search system can be used to search assets based on its tags and properties.
  • Imageboard based commenting system. Comments can be quoted, replied upon, with images and links properly parsed.
  • Voting system. Assets can be rated from 0 to 5. Using the search system mentioned above, its easy to find popularity trends of certain assets. Comments can be voted up or down. Upvoted comments appear at the top while downvoted comments are hidden by default.
  • AJAX. Most user operations do not require reloading the page. Search result pages are loaded without needing to refresh the page, similar to Google Images. Inputting values for tags give suggestions based on the word currently being typed.
  • History graphs. Show history graphs of changing values like number of times an asset was viewed, average rating of an asset, number of comments to an asset, etc.
  • Bookmark search results or subscribe to them as RSS feeds so you can be notified of any changes.
I shall therefore call it AssetBooruCh, and I'm looking at releasing it as an open source project.

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