Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adventures in Open Source

Ok, this sucky svn client I have on the Mac doesn't support the file:// protocol. I bet there's an open-source svn front-end just for me!
Last login: Wed Mar 16 21:50:05 on ttys000
mac:~ user$ sudo port install kdesvn
---> Computing dependencies for kdesvn
---> Dependencies to be installed: automoc cmake qt4-mac libmng lcms kdebase4-runtime bison exiv2 hicolor-icon-theme kdelibs4 aspell texinfo xz aspell-dict-en attica phonon avahi dbus-python26 dbus-glib py26-gobject libffi python26 libdaemon libglade2 py26-gtk py26-cairo py26-numpy atlas gcc44 gmp mpfr gzip fftw-3 py26-nose py26-distribute py26-py cyrus-sasl2 dbusmenu-qt qjson enchant hunspell flex giflib gmake grantlee kerberos5 gnupg libusb-compat libusb libart_lgpl liblzma openexr ilmbase gsed pcre qca shared-desktop-ontologies soprano clucene libiodbc redland raptor rasqal strigi virtuoso gawk libssh openslp oxygen-icons qimageblitz subversion apr apr-util neon serf
Wait, don't install GTK, I just want kdesvn! Surely that doesn't use GTK? Opeen Soooouuuuuurce!!!!

Its like I'm really in Linux!

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