Monday, April 19, 2010

Component-based or object-oriented?

Since I'm using Unity, whose scripting uses the component paradigm, my implementations use components too. However I get into this situation where a particular collection of components are similar with each other, their source code literally the same with each other save for a few key areas, those key areas giving them distinction from each other.

For example I have a base attack skill, and then I have another, similar attack skill except that it has a cooldown effect. The two are virtually the same except the latter has added code for handling cooldown effect.

In object-oriented programming, I would create a subclass of the attack skill as something like AttackSkillWithCooldown and override the member functions needed to add the cooldown effect.

In component-based programming, I would create cooldown as a separate component to be attached to the attack skill component.

So on one hand I have object-oriented programming which I'm used to and know how to implement, and on one hand I have component-based programming, which looks like more work upfront. I'm still not sure how to implement things in component-based programming but I can't help but think it may be worth it in the long run.


  1. may alam kabang magandang video or tutorial na mag eexplain about sa OOP usage specifically sa Unity?

    component-based kasi ung project na ginagawa ko, mejo ang hirap na i-organize ung mga script :(

  2. Kung javascript gamit mo, ito ang tumulong sakin kung pano gumawa ng classes:

  3. wow. thanks, di ko napansin to


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