Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Strategy RPG Test" Is Now Called "Death Zone Zero"

I've finally decided on an official name for Strategy RPG Test: Death Zone Zero.

Test title art for the game. Font "Interplanetary Crap™" © 1998 Ray Larabie

The story is that the world is now a post-nuclear wasteland, and there are areas marked as "Death Zones", places considered hazardous for human life because of nuclear radiation, lawlessness, and infestation of mutated animals.

Still, there are people who see opportunity in these lands: from criminals, to freelancers, to governments, they all have their own agenda for embarking on these Death Zones.

Roam the Death Zones and lead your band of mercenaries to victory against AI controlled opponents or other human players.

Death Zone Designation Number Zero was the very first, and the most established.

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